Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Very nice

This was well done,. The voices added great comedy, while the traps allowed alot more than the normal tower defense, make a wall of towers gameplay. Overall very good. The log roll trap was extremely powerful, because it could knock back a large amount of enemies, and do alot of damage, it is a little bit too powerful, making the game a bit too easy, and therefore boring after only about three games.


its okay but it is kinda real easy. got board within 30 min. other than that it is a pretty cool game.


has any1 noticed that the log roll (down) video makes a fricken penis?

Stands out, great game

Overall it's just fun, it's a new twist on the well overdone tower defense games. And it's pretty challenging as well, (at least for me it was).

I also love all the nice touches, the song, and the little main-menu thing with the pirate ship had me laughing.

WHy do they start teleportinG?

Solid idea traps were confusing at first but i can be mental tarded sometimes but yes that what i thought about the movie. the one that surprised me is that they started digging and teleporting why?