Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

I concur!

I agree with everyone before me who has said "neeed moar apokalipse!"

lol thats great

lol i love crab fetus its the most nutrious of the fetuses and love there humor stoner zombie slayers lol good work


I don't wanna sound pushy man, but you GOTTA get to work on part 3, I gotta continue the story!


i love this flash! i felt like i was watching a adult cartoon on TV. I loved how u balanced the action with the comedy very nicely. U definitely gotta make episode 2 because this can go places! Maybe u can even get like a TV network to pick up ur flash because its that good!

nice i loved it great job

i loved it i just have one thing i want to know what song it is that u played when they fought the demon?