Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

nice i love it

whats the song thats playing i went 2 the link but cant get it can u tell me what it is and great video

You make the apocalypse look fun!

Overall I really enjoyed watching this =) You have a pretty good storyline going and the voice acting is great. You artistic style is unique, and I like it. However, you could add a lil more detail to the characters and the background (just a thought).
LOVE the corny puns and the characters personalities!
Can't wait to see more of ths funny apocalypitic team in action!

I haven't reviewed for a while, but a friend asked

the intro was absolute "wow this is so cool and dramatic" shit, and i hated it. It was like the Hellsing intro, except terrible and trying too hard.

the voice acting was ok, and i liked the tomamoto bit. the humor was so shitty, like a 12 year old's. "woo you have KRABS!" "let's get baked! (and then let's apologize for the shitty joke so the audience doesn't hate us!)"

the narration was so generic ("and i mean she's good at EVERYTHING")

overall, the whole thing was generic and unappealing. and the art and animation REALLY detracted from it. It's like every character had 25 faces because the author made them devoid of any features AND had shitty art that made a person look fat in one frame and skinny in another.

nice i loved it great job

i loved it i just have one thing i want to know what song it is that u played when they fought the demon?

Dude did'nt you post this before?

Its good, but where have I seen this before? Dechavu, dude its like you reposted this already 2 years ago.