Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

eeehhh i dont know...

this was alright but i found it childish the drawings were ameture at best but somehow they looked like migits upclose.... and also the voices sounded good but werent used in the right way ( what i mean by that is , they were saying the wrong stuff.) and comedy was lame and dry. and plus i didnt get the story line how was this an apocolypse? and after i watched this it reminded me of fooly cooly its an old japanese show... but to me you really shouldnt be making action flashes. nice song though..

I agree with NeverZone

It was too childish, the animation *after 9 months* was not s good as you could have made it, and the voices sound phoned in. The music and characters were stereotypical, and the pun was horrible.

I liked it...

there is =vision= along side with talent. Though I do feel your views are a immature(like school is stupid....I used to say that back in gradeschool).But hey, im older. But I'd like to see more to see were it all goes.

Finally got the attention it deserved

8 MONTHS LATER WE HAVE FRONT PAGE FINALLY. I thought it was really weird that this got overlooked by the admins, especially with how much people loved the first one. Even about a year later, I'm still blown away by the great story, execution and characters. I love the voice acting and dialogue, and it's one of the only series on Ng that REALLY, GENIUNELY MAKES me laugh.

But I have the same complaints as last time, the graphics really need a big overhaul; the colors don't really compliment the dark tone and the character drawings are kinda lacking (Not the designs, the designs I like). Other than that, it's damn good flash. Can't wait for the next one.

i enjoyed it

even though it took a fuckload of time its finally here. one thing though you should work on is the fight scenes. just put alittle more time into them yknow dont drag'em out but give alittle more attention to each others attack scene. all in all it was really good