Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"


The great voices and storyline made me forget about the drawing, which to me seemed fitting and decent enough anyway. gooooooddd joooooobbbb


The drawing is kinda crap, but The Story line is Great, The music was cool. Over all I liked it.

duuude... are you serious?

duuude! you really need to improve your drawing...i found this kinda predictible... and it gave me a strange feeling of stench >_<

has potential

after watching both videos, have decided that this flash has a good story, varied characters, good voice acting, but I kind of hate the fact that the video seperates you from the setting with bad family-guy like flashbacks/ imagination scenes.

...I facepalm for the downvoters

I've watched this - and although I agree with them with the fact that the art isn't as advanced, that's no excuse to downrate it to a 3 or even a 2.

The animation is great, and I found no problems with the voice acting - the music choice was perfect (and the little interruptions in the music from your characters is rather enjoyable).

Just work on your art, and you'll be another sensational flash artist that everyone will be looking up to! *thumbsup*