Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

good movie

i got my hopes up thinkign this was a new one, but it turns out that newgrounds was just delaying your fame :(

9 out of ten because their is no nudity

Far from bad, but it still needs work...

Five Iron, I will thank you for doing something original, but the application is in need of improvements. (More on this later)
To Josh Tomar: I think I misjudged you because I liked what you did for this.
To Omahdon: This is Much Better than what you did for Life point 1 and Xennethy.

With that out of the way, the animation was pretty good for what you have, but the art has some negative space in two of the backgrounds. You might want to clean that up a bit when you get the chance. Truth is, I think internet cartoons don't need to have great animation, but just to get the point across. Soundwise, I liked what Tomamoto and Omahdon did, even if they were involved in animated aberrations that had no reason to exist. To Mystic and Fran: You'll hate me for saying this, but your parts were not as good as the other two guys. On the other hand, it's better than Arrogancy and Minushi's really crappy voice acting. Then there's the directing, while you have some good shot/angle selections; the pacing reminds me of Notorious, who can't direct worth a damn. As in it felt way too slow and hurt your attempts at comedy. For the next episode, tighten up the pacing as a means to be funnier and more energetic.

What I do like:
-Decent animation
-Good character designs
-Nice angle choices
-Josh Tomar and Omahdon's voices were good...

What I didn't like:
-...but, what MysticShinHanKu and Fran Louise did was not up to snuff with the previous pair did.
-Bad pacing
-Negative space in the backgrounds
-Wasn't funny

Overall: While this isn't bad by any means, it still has a ways to go to catch up with the following:
-Rats on Cocaine
-Joe Zombie
-The Stick Slayer
Of course, this is better written than Xombie (James Farr isn't the best writer, but he knows how to put together a fight scene.), but you have to improve on the directing some more. Here's a seven out of ten.

The Graphic.

I agree wtih the movie its great when the war with monster begin,,, but maybe you must correct the graphic and deleting the unused scene like the chicken ...

4/5 and 7/10 you GREAT !




Wow, you uploaded this how long, like a few years ago? And now its on the front page... and look at all the previous reviews... most of them criticize you negatively, prepared to the modern reviews, they are praising the submission. Does this just mean all of these so called "good Critics" are just a bunch of hypocrites? God, i hope NG isn't like that.