Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

holy holidays on a pirate ship!

Wow this was cool! the music is too very cool

oh my goodness

Me and my friends just cant stop saying how much we can't wait for the apocolypse to happen. Dumb right? f&%king zombies every where and s!%t well we beg to differ. We love your stuff I watched it twice and it was just amazing I want to just get more and more of it great keep it up and I dont even car about the graphics I usually b@!%ch about that


Really good sequel, love the story line and conflict throughout the each flash. But i thought this episode was less funny than the last one.. :/ and it suks that you werent able to fix that scene. On the other hand your animation improved from the last episode, it seemed more clear and detailed than the last :)
Overall: 9/10 great job!

its kewl but

why is it on the front page?

it was released last year


this is a kickass seriess! haha make moree (: