Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

still good, still funny

dude i look forward to seeing more from this series

I really don't enjoy this

one thing that I think really contributes to my utter noninterest is are the colors. They are so bright and candycolored! The anime style is also illadvised for the setting of the movie strikes me as very american.

The animation is very mediocre also. The episodes are just to long and too bad. My advice is to shorten the length of the movie, cut out all the shit you through in here, and just go for better quality.

Well lets see

Make more in my opinion its better then tankmen. I like the storyline the animation isnt bad and the voicing seemed perfect.10/10 =D

good series

Make more! its been a year and this one comes out??? make more!

i love this series

and i dont wanna see it become like fallen angels and never continued. Make more..please