Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP 1 B"

Whaaaat . . . ?

What on earth was this supposed to be? It jumped around so much, I felt like I was watching a very bad anime cartoon inside of a clothes drier. Speaking of anime, I'd like to see some people venture outside of that style of animation for once - or at least draw it properly. All I got out of this was that it was supposed to take place in the aftermath of the apocalypse - another immensely overused concept.
Anyway, if humor was your goal, I'm sorry to say that it fell short by a mile. I admit there was at least one part that made me chuckle - the scene where the blond kid was, I guess, having a dream sequence and the butler commented on his own accent. Other than that, though, I was just trying to work out the meaning of the story.
I'm sorry to say that I did not enjoy watching this animation, it was tripping all over itself the whole way, and left me scratching my head at the end. Even if that means I'm not nuanced enough to understand your 'complex' storyline, a good entertainer knows to make his work understandable to all.


Honestly man, The voice acting seem mediocre, the animation itself was sub par. The humor was so bad, I mean the sarcasm just seemed really off timing and over drawn. It just truthfully seemed lame. It has a lot of potential it just seems really lacking in major parts.

Love it

Loved it when it first came out.

Although, why is it front paged after about a year being out?

Wait, Gront?

Or is it Grant? I love that guy!


Wasted my life that I was already wasting...