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Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"

Excellent game!

Everything about this game is perfect, from the hand-drawn cutscenes, backgrounds, and enemies, to the simple yet addictive gameplay. Even stopping to just spin around endlessly deflecting things was entertaining.

Also, here's a tip for missile crisis. Just fly in a straight line across the map continuously and let the missiles hit you as they reach you one at a time. Your health should recharge enough after each hit to keep you safe from dying. The missiles seem to spawn at a regular rate and as long as you keep letting them hit you at that rate, you won't ever have a lot of missiles to worry about at one time. I did this for 7 minutes then got impatient and let a few hit me in a row...

My god...

This is like the most badass thing in the history of ever. ever.

i liked it

it was good but control needed work

btw chek out my art! :D

yes i can!

you can get all the literacy medals by deleting this game in your history and exit your browser then look at this game again and you will see your medal isn't wiped out!

try before you rate


You made me laugh with this game xD.