Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"

Why would you delete my comment??

I didnt say anything wrong all i said is that the medals were working and i got it!!

Fun as hell

Love the art work, great game play definitely unique :p

It prolli took him years

to jerk out a sperm as big as that -=|
this game is CRUNK FO; SHIZZLE! ;)

the greatness of games

This has been one of the best games during the year of 2009. It was extremely addicting and the graphics were A-mazing, not to mention the music and sound affects of incoming choppers and planes. However, there is one thing that bugged me (if only me) and that was the levels. I wasn't very impressed with the way that the points were added up. I wasn't quite sure when we would change levels throughout the game and HOW we would change them. Did It add up by points, enemies, or a timer? Other than that small flaw everything seemed to add up perfectly. Even the sperm defense was a riot! Excellent Daily first place (and I think you should have gotten WEEKLY 1st place also)

Love it

This game dont gets boring for me 59p283 stars