Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"

luv it

'new fave'

great game i love the illustration!
make more plz :)

Sperm Surfing ;)

Is it cheating to push behind the tanks to run over people and the planes to shoot at them, then dodge? hehe ;) Great game!

Great game!

I'ts a very good game,i had lots of fun playing it. The rewards were brilliant and perfect!

Im the "Seamon Demon"

I like this game greatly.
I like the art concept and the music.
The game runs smoothly until there are about 15 missiles on screen.
Maybe another one?

Had a blast

I had loads of fun with this submission. It has smooth original artwork that is in its own right very well drawn as well as fun and simple gameplay that had me playing for a good hour or more. Sometime when I get more free time I'll come back and beat it on hard mode, but I must say this game is pretty challenging later on. It was a very original concept and the humor of riding a giant sperm gets me every time ^_^
The controls are very easy to use and give the player total control of your character and the regeneration idea was very nice as well. All I could suggest really is maybe a longer story mode with power ups or something, maybe a currency system to upgrade your sperm. Other than that it was a fantastic game that totally deserves the recognition its gotten.

Great job, keep it up :D