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Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"

SevasTra obviously takes the internet seriously.

A very exemplary job on everyone's part, I found the game's artistic experience to be something that has not been explored much before. I loved everything,especially the cutscenes.

Also these medals are not THAT big of a deal. Giving a low score cause you didn't get your precious 5 points is really pathetic.


HOLY CRAP THIS GAME WAS AMAZING,loved the music,loved the concept,as i quite often wonder what a cowboy rideing a giant sperm would look like,and loved the art work,FUCKING SUPREME EFFORT

I'm on a Sperm!

This was incredibly entertaining, highly addictive, and above all fun. Controls were tight, the story was told well with the beautifully animated cutscenes, and the deflection mechanic was spot on. Really no mistakes in my opinion, I just think it is absolutely incredible!

Ah. I see.

So *this* is what going insane feels like.

Greatest Game Ever Or GREATEST GAME EVER?!?!?!?!??