Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"

Being crushed by a giant sperm = quite possibly the most humiliating death ever

me and meh sperm:*sees missile and tank*tank?no problem*uses tail as whip and and deflects missile and it heads for teh tank*tank man(XD):FUUUUUUU-*booom!!!*some random dude with with wife:*sees tank flying in the sky*make a wish,honey XD!in other words,AWSOMELY EPIC GAME

i remember mah Daddy sitting next to me in the living room watchin me play this on my old laptop instead of paying attention to the TV, good times

the guy in the jet was so sad...then you hit him with the sperm.WHY!!!

Amazing the way it's a sperm that can destroy anything. It takes a lot of skill to make a game as good as this. So, I reckon, if you could improve this in any way, OH WAIT! You can't improve this.
PS. Just fire a condom or two at the sperm. That is sure to take care of it.