Reviews for "Seed of Destruction"


Presentation is quirky; quirky in a good way. Audio and graphics work well together.
The game itself is a bit bland. You don't have much screen you can see, and the controls and speed aren't very exciting. The whole mechanics of whipping projectiles feels great on the other hand. What irks me a lot is that some kills don't seem to be counted towards your score, yet sometimes the enemies kill each other offscreen (mostly the slow flying ones).
I have only been playing it for about an hour and finished the story mode. There seems to be a lot of challenge in getting all the medals, though. That part earns it half a star extra.

this reminds me of that Spiderman game where Black Betty would play and you would have to shoot webs at these obstacles to move forward.
This game is equally or more enjoyable as that one. Well done. Allyuz!

The game got a little repetitive after a while and the controls were pretty sensitive, but the concept was unique, the art style was cute, and the cut scenes were great. My only advice for future projects of this sort would be to change the scenery occasionally. However, I didn't get very far so if you did so after the point I got to, bravo!

VERY fun! Why a sperm cell though?