Reviews for "Street Fighter Collab"

What is that track playing in the shrink's office in BoMToons clip?

In the main menu, roll over El-Cid's icon (bottom-right) you'll see an "X" on Ryu's fingertip, move over to the "X" without going over any other icons. Once at the "X" a secret icon will appear, click it.
During gel's flash, you have to click both of the guy's nipples to get the medal, be quick!
During Tom Fulp's flash, After the guy mentions "tractors" hit the down, right, and up arrows and at the same time repetitively until you get the medal.
During Johnny Utah's flash, (First row in scene selection) click the turtle. You have to wait a while. Its balancing on a bottle over a really old man's body.
In stampers flash, (First row in scene selection) click the guy with the masks dick 5 times.
During chakra-X's flash, after the guy's eye twitches around and it pans to the girl just keep clicking her tits and ass until you get the medal
Once you start up the flash, hit play and just leave your computer. You have to view every piece in the collab to get the medal. You cannot get it if you skip ahead at all.
EGG HUNTER These appear in order!
*In the main menu scroll over El-Cid's icon (bottem-right) and then move over to the "X" on Ryu's finger with out scrolling over any other icons. Once you reach the "X" a secret icon will appear. Click it.
*(PIGPEN) When the green dude reaches the guy and shoots lighting, click the lighting.
*(THEMEXICANMUFFINMAN) Once it starts click the sign in back.
*(BIFFTHETIMID) Wait for the skull to appear at the top in the center of the two health bars and clicky.
*(EGORAPTER) Click Dudley's stash!

All I can say is " God damn it Stamper"

ok, ok, my 5 stars go to you because of zombiepimp clip, omg... i literally laughed my ass off, ok maybe not lol

Do I love it or do I love it! It's still awesome, never gets old, masterful mesh of creative action and character encounters that turn out all but as expected, all in homage to this one grand design of gaming history!