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Reviews for "War, Snow and Fire"

SO GREAT, and the story was more than amazing and the music is so good all i can say now that it is the best i have ever seen i newgrounds.

I really love this one. The story is so nice and touching. The look is simple, yet the animation movement is really nice, and not stiff at all, even though is all just eyes and shadowy figures. A nd the overall looks is really help to built the atmosphere for this piece. I may be a newbie here and maybe did not know any better but I give this one a five votes!

This movie was both entertaining and emotional for me. This heartful story of a daughter's life ravaged by war and approaching a new hope. I spent 7 minutes thinking what to write for this last sentence. This move was so amazing that....that... no comment.



this is truly animated well. Well done, well done. (claps for all i'm worth)