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Reviews for "Hentai Artist: Catgirl"

Pretty good.

Nice concept, lol.

Welcome to Newgrounds.

Good game. Challenging, and great pics. Got a lotta potential there to be great here. And I know there's gonna be criticism because it's hentai, but at least it's a fun game.

Great idea!

I'm pig sig (swine flu joke?) of hentai flashes masquerading as quizzes to qualify for being submitted. This approach really seemed like a breath of fresh air. I'm no real fan of hentai, but this is very well put together, and the image quality was spot on.
The game mechanics worked without problems, it was easy to negotiate and join the dots take me way back to when I was a young lad and filling in book after book of the stuff. Not of this content mind. :D The music was a good choice as well.
Nicely done!

Hentime responds:

I share your thought on the matter. Not only that, most of these games star badly scaled and cropped ugly pictures, plenty of JPG artifacts and overall 'unpolishement'.
Anyway, thanks!


Good game, easy and the pictures are ok!

i play it for the slight of hand

i think it would be just as good without the hentai so im taking off 2 points for having a dirty mind lol