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Reviews for "Hentai Artist: Catgirl"

oh my god

This is only the 3rd time I have ever been able to find a hentai game thats ACTUALLY worth playing. I respect you and your ways of thinking sir!

Hentime responds:

Yes, a problem of erotic flash games is that there is erotic and flash but no game (or game so pitiful and worthlessly done it makes people traumatic). Thank you!

Great game

ok at first i came for the catgirls and stuff but there wasnt that much there,but i stayed because the gameplay was amazing its like a different version of connect the dots.


whats the name this song I love it so much!

nice job

easy to play and no crazy tricks or shit that you have to remember unless you forgot how to count lol


A hentai game that ISN'T completley brainless! And, it's some good quality hentai, to boot. Kudos.