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Reviews for "Hentai Artist: Catgirl"

Very interesting game this is.

I actually quite enjoyed playing this. I was some-what of a challenge in a few of those levels. I really loved your choice of music for this game. It was nice and calm and also calmed me down so I could line up the number better.
I also loved how the picture only appears after you finish the whole puzzle. The use of a timer was a excellent thing as well since you had to find the number first yet not knock into other numbers by mistake.
I really hope you make this into a series of some sort. I was very impressed by this game very much.
Full marks on both ends.

Hentime responds:

It surely will be turned into series, but not typical everything-the-same-apart-from-pics, we strive for than that. Thanks!


good pics and a fun, not too hard not too easy game, although it was really simple. i liked the whole drawing idea :D look forward to more!

:3 me love cat girls :P

who new connect the dots would be so challenging if you added something as small as a timer

Freakin sweet

i really liked the puzzles
and awesome pics
really hard with a touch pad
Awesome and great work

really sweet

good pics and it was a challenge thanks man