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Reviews for "Hentai Artist: Catgirl"

good game

simple and kinda addicting game, but i would have been a lot better without the hentai,

Hentime responds:

To everyone its own (or so). If time allows, a non-hentai versions may be released.

It's a good game!

The problem with a lot of games like this is that, well, they're not really games. You've made something that's pretty fun and interactive and -then- added the rewards. Nicely done!

Hentime responds:

Haha, well the rewards were there from the very beginning, but I get your point and share your opinion on the matter.

oh my god

This is only the 3rd time I have ever been able to find a hentai game thats ACTUALLY worth playing. I respect you and your ways of thinking sir!

Hentime responds:

Yes, a problem of erotic flash games is that there is erotic and flash but no game (or game so pitiful and worthlessly done it makes people traumatic). Thank you!


A hentai game that actually requires skill, never thought i would see one.

Oddly addictive gameplay, calming music, smexy catgirls. All in all a very good work.


make the sick fucks work for their goddamned hentai, cheers, bro!

satisfies [deeply] both the kid AND the adult in me