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Reviews for "Ness' Adventure Part 1"

lol thats....

LOL THATS frigin cute

I liked it

It was really good flash.the music was paired well with everything.keep up the good work.

Ness bros

Ness should probably stay off of Mario's Natural Male Enhasment. but this is the Mario Bros any have sain person would actuly do ^_^. good flash overall ^_^

Great job.

THis was really neat,first of all i must say thank you for creating a hand drawn Earthbound flash cause you don't see many of them and i think you did the animation quite good in both character design and background,the script was solid and i thought it was cool that Ness was in the Mushroom Kingdom,i see that it's the start of a series and it shows promise so good luck with it.


Oh man this is really good! You really like Ness don't you? anyway great job! I can NOT wait for the next 1/2