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Reviews for "Ness' Adventure Part 1"

Oh, whey... ah, wh-- what? Was he saying?

Wow, though, that was really. . . Know what? It reminds me of Utah Saints. The same level of energy and. . . software. It's really, really -- know what? Ahhh well good luck.


That style of yours was pretty funny and had such a good humour
that made every situation in game to be good...
Well made, the errors I would mention only a masterof animation could fix them so I just won't say a thing and 5/5 for yous :D


Pretty good stuff, I liked it. Kept me on my toes! Looking forward to the next one.


Although this was kind-of bland, I enjoyed it. I like the idea of this "Ness' adventure" series. The animation was great, as well as the concept, but it would be a little bit more entertaining if there was a little more than just background music. Maybe if you used some voice acting and sound effects, it would be a little bit more interesting. Great job though.

Really good

The animation was superb, the sound effects were just on time and the dialogue was hilarious :)

Roll on part 2!!!