Reviews for "Medal Get!"


Being the NG Medal whore that I am, i gave it a shot and made two cool "game shots" and posted them in your forum! :P

If i could suggest one thing: The screen cuts off if you put to much text in the medal name. Could you make it so the medal input string wraps and resizes in the window? Oh and a mute button?

Other than that dude, i gave it a 5/5 10/5 and Fav'd because this was really fun to mess with! :)


Yeah, I think this is great! This can be useful for many pepole! You can make fake medals to your game, for the real medals coming soon.
Anyway, great game, nice buttons.

Needs lots of work...

This game is OK i guess, but it has barely anything in it.

I mean, you just upload an image, enter some text, and it gives you a medal image that is used for ???.

To improve this game you should make it so that the image will auto re-size if it is above the limit. To do this, you have to add this code to the movie clip that contains your image.

if (this._width>0) {
with (this) {
_width = 50;
_height = 50;

This makes it so that when the image is set, it will be at 50x50 automatically.

Hope this helps to improve your game.

A fun idea

A fun idea and who knows, maybe possibly useful for making actual medals.

Not bad...

..not bad at all!
The idea was very good..well, the flash could use a few fixes but it mostly alright..
I would like an auto-resize though...