Reviews for "Medal Get!"

Great game

It would have been cool if you made a medal for making a medal though.

Kind of boring :(

This is kind of boring id rather unlock other peoples medals than make my own i suck at it.


superb game, was really a wonderful idea, good job, but how do you save the creation of a medal?
excuse my english-UGOLEGEND94

Xaotik responds:

You can't place this inside any games, it's just a basic designer. You can use the Screen Capture function (found on almost any computer) and save your medal as a picture, then you can post it in the forum topic about this game.

Nice Work!!

Very nice ;)
But how can I put Medals into my games?
Can somebody send a Link where it is explained or send me a message with an explination "How To" ?

Xaotik responds:

You can't... The system is still in beta, but if you put a lot of work into your game, you might want to read Tom Fulp's news blog on his userpage... It has instructions for installing medals, you need to e-mail him all the medal supplies and follow the directions on his page... And maybe, you'll be allowed to use the medals system. I suppose he's still offering this deal to users even though it was meant for Pico Day, I've been seeing a lot of new Medals Games...


This is a nice "toy" to spend some minutes off..