Reviews for "Medal Get!"

cant be arsed

I find the process too complicated and long. You should try having a selection of icons and backgrounds to choose from, rather than making us go out on the internet and fish for some images

haha ^^

A really Funny Gadget ^^ but, i have to admit, it occupied me only for 3 mins or so

I will suggest it to the Gadget collection


its awesome

the game dosent rly work

im sry but i get nothing when i upload mag shiz sry


JK... it's not a lion... but it is a mediocre game.

I love the concept but there is some stuff missing the game could have been fleshed out more.

I agree with sonicboom4... getting a medal for making a medal would be awesome so I support that in a remake

I also had technical problems too with part of the flash going black. I don't know what is up with that but either way.

Concept wise, this is great, especially if we could somehow earn our own medals but there are several faults that need to be fixed :-(

Keep trying though :-)