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Reviews for "Reset"

I like it, its nice, calm, soothing, it's a good song to listen to on sunny days filled with clouds while sitting under a tree and drawing. Certainly would like to hear more like this.

Shanath responds:

I'd love if we could do something similar to this again in the future. Hopefully won't have to wait that long. :]

Yay!~ I get to comment on my favorite version! Now that I am holding back my excitement I'd like to say this version is just lovely! Your voice communicates the message well, but not at the best it could. I've listened to this song over and again because it is soothing, the lyrics have heavy emotion to it, and well it encourages me to play Okami to truly understand this song. Please compose more music with emotional depth like you have consistently been this year. To be honest your music has drastically improved since 2010 and 2011. Best of luck with whatever may come next!

Shanath responds:

You should totally play Okami, I did recently and it's a beautifully done game. As far as more songs go, maybe sometime soon. It would be nice to do something like this again in the future.

For a song to push me to the point of creating an account, that's big.
I've got only one thing to say, I might be a man, but if I could I'd hug you and shed a tear. That's how deep this song reached to me. Bravo! Continue with your fantastic work.

Shanath responds:

I'm glad it touched you like that. It's always great being able to invoke feelings in people through music. :3

At around 1:50 "I'm not gonna cry... I'm not."
At around 3:00 "I'm not crying... I'm not."
At around 4:40 "*waterfall tears and incoherent blubbering*"
This song is so emotional, and made me remember not only playing Okami, but also a few things that I had forgotten from around the same time I had the game. Simply wonderful vocals, hard to find vocalists able to transmit real emotion into the song and have it carry over through a recording. Musical composition is simply fantastic, the vocals carried true emotion, but the music itself BLED emotion; Joy, Elation, Sorrow, Regret, and lastly Hope. I give 5/5 to the Music in a stand alone rating, while the vocals get 4/5(sorry Fyri52, I hope you understand that it is better to have an honest opinion than someone to just fawn over you). I hope the five of you will continue to work together on projects, as you make truly beautiful pieces.

Here as asked, and I like what I hear. As far as the song, I'm usually much more harsh on Vocal songs, as I like things to feel fluid- Can't say the song IS fluid, but it is very beautiful, and the meaning of the lyrics is quite well done.

The only real kill joy was how off some of the vocal lyrics sounded with the tune- That could just be me being hard on it, again, but it makes up for that beginning and mid song goof near the end, when it comes together. All in all, a great song. Or, for a better way of putting it, tore me away from eating food, since I havn't eaten for over 9 hours, to write this review. And that's hard to do. Good job.

Shanath responds:

Well, I'm glad it had that kind of response on you. It's pretty awesome to hear when a track hits the mark with someone like this. :D