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Reviews for "Reset"

omg its in really very amazing i love okami and now love this too

Dear God you five make a good team. This is amazing! 10/10

Shanath responds:

Glad you liked. :]

Amazing song! :D

you guys should get into mainstream music since you are so good. I have no idea what is good or bad but wtf. .dry vocals. Why?

Shanath responds:

I don't know to how much reverb you're used to hearing in other's songs vocals, but the vocals in this aren't completely dry. They do have slight reverb among other things. We wanted to keep her voice sounding as natural as possible as if she was singing to her children. Adding too much of it wouldn't have been ideal as it would have given an echo effect that would take away from the song.

Either way I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for the compliment from all of us!

I've been wanting to play Okami for the longest time, I really wish I had played it so I knew the original song (though it doesn't hurt to look it up on YouTube or something). Anyways, the lyrics feel right at home in this track, the instrumentation and production by Step and Buoy is spot on (great work on the mastering Mrmilkcarton), and everything just fits together so well. Definitely adding this to my favorites and downloading it.. and looking into finding a copy right after.


Shanath responds:

Okami is a great game. I hear an HD release of it is coming out soon. If you haven't played it yet that's the definite one to get!