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Reviews for "Reset"

wow you made me fall asleep for 5 minutes

I'm just wondering, did you use the translation as the lyrics?

Shanath responds:

Not the literal translation, no. This one was rearranged to fit with the song's cues and whatnot.

I like it, its nice, calm, soothing, it's a good song to listen to on sunny days filled with clouds while sitting under a tree and drawing. Certainly would like to hear more like this.

Shanath responds:

I'd love if we could do something similar to this again in the future. Hopefully won't have to wait that long. :]

Well this is probably 100 times better than all the other half-assed crud you can find on Newgrounds.
I have no criticism for you.
Have the last remaining Aaroca Cookie of Approval. It's the only one left, so savour it.

The Other Other God

Shanath responds:

Cookie. :3 Thanks for the like!

The pan flute starting the song is just beautiful and the ambient bass line was very pleasing on the air. Like how the uprising noise heard for a moment reminded me of a wolf howling at the moon as well. Shanath's vocals are very beautiful to listen to as well. This sounds like music that would play at the start of the game.

The older styled drums are beyond beautiful for the song and sound like they are being played by an actual orchestra. The bass line I hear gives off a nice ambient feel as if traversing the world of Okami. As for the xylophone, with each note it gives me that feel of drifting off into a dream of fun and wonder and a journey too.

Shanath's vocals sound like that of a professional singer which I have to admire quite a bit. Bouy's guitar playing seems to add the sensation of just wanting to run everywhere and see the world and what it has to hold and be discovered.

Overall, this is an incredibly beautiful collaboration!

Shanath responds:

I wish I was the one singing this, but it was the amazingly talented Fyri52 from youtube. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you think it sounds so good! It took a lot of effort and I'm glad people are liking it in general.

Thanks for the kind words. :3