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Reviews for "Reset"

I like everything about this song, The music was mixed well and composed well. The lyrics were excellent, but they were a bit vague at times. The singer was excellent. Good job.

... Wow.

Favorited, downloaded, and you now have a new fan.



Shanath responds:

Thank you, sir!

This is really amazing, I'm so glad the Audio Portal has tracks like this. Have you thought about submitting it to OCRemix? I think you'll be successful. The vocal performance was sensitive and emotional. The instrumental is authentic and unflappable. Thank you for this.

Shanath responds:

It hasn't crossed my mind before, actually. It's something that I'd have to discuss with the other people involved in the project and see if they'd be interested on submitting it to them.

Thanks for the review.

Haha... I clicked on the link in Step's signature... but then I started reading something in a thread while this played on in the background. As soon as 1:30 happened I immediately stopped what I was reading and thought to myself "WHAT is this INCREDIBLE song I'm listening to?!"... and now I'm here writing this review. Needless to say, this is amazing. The composition, vocals, mixing... just... so good. ♥♥♥

Shanath responds:

Needless to say, Step was a big reason the track was so good in the first place. He did an amazing job building up on what I first did with the track. Of course, everything as a whole came together for an amazing piece in the end.

Thanks for the kind review. :)

beautiful, i hope this makes into a Disney Movie someday, great job every who took part in the making.
instant fav. 5/5
- Pandasticality