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Reviews for "Reset"

I usually don't give 5 stars, but, bloody hell, this song more than deserved it.

Vocals 10/10: I really liked your voice work, there was enough emotion without detracting from the techinique. How come I never came across one of your other vocalized songs is a complete mystery to me.

Lyrics 9.5/10: The lyrics are beautiful and convey well the overall japanese folklore feel of Okami. The 0.5 I detracted from a perfect score aren't actually your fault, they're a consequence of the translation proccess from japanese to english. Japanese can be a painfully vague language at times and that kinda reflected in some tenses in your translated lyrics. It will always be a problem with translated music and texts.

Instrument Choices 10/10: I simply loved that, I wanna say, accoustic guitar solo. The combination of modern and classical, ocidental and oriental instruments made the orchestration for me. Magnificent.

I want to finish this boring review by saying thanks to Step for pointing me here. I also would like to thank the whole team for sharing such a marvelous work with us. Keep it up, the audio portal needs more amazing collabs such as these.

Sorry for my english.

Shanath responds:

Wow, very in-depth review! I'm glad you liked it so much. We really wanted to keep that feeling that made Okami so great and I'm glad you think we succeeded.

As for our vocalist, I think she only posts covers on youtube, so you could check for her there. I'll make sure if we ever do another collab to try and get her to help us again. She's got a beautiful voice.

Thanks again for the review!

Nice job. Never played Okami but I've only heard good things about it and I have seen some things on it on the YouTubes. Good work, I like the song.

My favorite game of all time, and my second favorite song from the game. Brilliant job reorchestrating it and reworking the vocal rhythms to fit the English translation! It's not been 2 minutes yet and I've gotten chills 3 times already :)
And my sincere apologies if the star rating is a bit wacky or nonexistent, Newgrounds won't let me select anything :(

Shanath responds:

Sadly, I didn't get to play Okami, though I did read up on the story after playing Okamiden. It's a really beautiful tale and this song just brings everything together really nicely.

I'm glad you loved it! We all worked very hard on it. :3