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Reviews for "Reset"

Tears...just tears

damn thats beautiful, hella good sounds

I'm going to play this for my sister's funeral in the next week or so. I love this song so much and it resonates with what I feel so much. She got in an awful, awful car wreck.

Thank you, thank everyone involved in making this English cover. You're all beautiful people.

I'm such a sucker for anything Okami. I love seeing other people make things from it - and, for a first project, this was spectacular. Downloading through my tears now.

At around 1:50 "I'm not gonna cry... I'm not."
At around 3:00 "I'm not crying... I'm not."
At around 4:40 "*waterfall tears and incoherent blubbering*"
This song is so emotional, and made me remember not only playing Okami, but also a few things that I had forgotten from around the same time I had the game. Simply wonderful vocals, hard to find vocalists able to transmit real emotion into the song and have it carry over through a recording. Musical composition is simply fantastic, the vocals carried true emotion, but the music itself BLED emotion; Joy, Elation, Sorrow, Regret, and lastly Hope. I give 5/5 to the Music in a stand alone rating, while the vocals get 4/5(sorry Fyri52, I hope you understand that it is better to have an honest opinion than someone to just fawn over you). I hope the five of you will continue to work together on projects, as you make truly beautiful pieces.