Reviews for "Box Clever"

Needs Improvements

Every game has a "Needs Improvements" review and today i'm making yours.

First: Great Game and very fun and addicting

Second: Levels need check points because I'm tried of having to kill everyone over again because i made a mistake on the final guy

Third: Needs more levels.

Fourth: I didn't beat the game but if there isn't any you should add blocks that go left, right and up.

Fifth: Everyone is complaining about the difficultly so i suggest to fix that.

Sixth: You should add different bad guys who are smarter or bigger then the regular diseased.

Fix these problems and you game will get a better score*

*From me and whoever agrees with me


dude this is way to hard you need to make it easyer because for 1 i lost 20 in a bet and i keep losing at level 11


just did level 15
*pant pant*
good game :)

realy fun

a fun game and great musics but no story other then that it real great


that was an awesome game!!! but tlvl 15 was very hard >_<