Reviews for "Box Clever"

so fun :)

nightmare levels are so hard O_O i got to the end of the little drop bit and the box knocked me into the red stuff :( very fun though, going on my faves :D

very fun comcept

but yes,in 15 levels its going from way too easy to way to hard! you should add more levels and maybe a difficulty setting,because if you're get past level 11 and level 12 is alot harder,that will cost score from ratings.

poeple are going to rate low because they can't complete the game,cuz its too hard,so i hope my review was helpfull


Could be better. Other than that pretty fun


"Fourth: I didn't beat the game but if there isn't any you should add blocks that go left, right and up." Notice how he said that? He's just annoyed because he sucks at the game and can't complete it. :P This game is so fun, level 11, the first Nightmare level is so tricky though, took awhile to get to it. This game was absolutely fine, everything Wiifanboy said was kinda rubbish, no need for improvements. o:

LOL ur awesome

This game is so clever.... its... BOX CLEVER lol