Reviews for "Box Clever"

I like it.

It's a very interesting idea, and mostly well executed, but a few aspects of the physics for your player seem a bit odd to me (one being the fact that if you don't run before you jump, while the distance you go dramatically decreases, you can still jump as high as if you ran.)
The music choice was a bit odd at the beginning for this game, I thought, but it was fine as time progressed.
Otherwise, I liked it, and found it addicting. :)

pretty good!

Continue doing theese!

Nice !

Very good game, levels are good, level editor is great and gameplay is perfect.

Simple yet entertaining

I liked this game it had this feel to that i can't really explain, but keep up the good work, and to anyone reading play this game if you'd like a little fun.

Love the idea

Good concept. I accidentaly click on submit score 1 :( but its really 4-5/5