Reviews for "Box Clever"


Very nice game!
Dont get why people complains about Nightmare Levels.. yes its true they are a little difficult (in fact i send you a frendly "Go to Hell!!" for level 15 that made me realy nervous :D), but the game is beatable, and hard levels are made exactly for people that get addicted to the game, to challenge more the player.. you cant say they are dumb.. and its only trying that you manage to finish the game!!
Lol for the gadgets, didnt got the walking stik but the blue thing was funny with hat and monocle!!


even though it is simple animation, it is still fun


Too hard for me on nightmare level :D good concept! Simple but I got addicted to it! great work

good game

Very hard but fun. Quite a bit of it was trial and error because I couldn't see the whole area

it was ok

I enjoyed the 'easy' and 'normal' levels, but the 'nightmare' levels were just dumb. Not all of them but most of their solution has nothing to do with being clever or solving a puzzle. Why? Because I don't have a full view of the map. I don't know which way to go, where is the finish line. Basically I have to fail many times and spend a lot of time trying out thingsor watch the walkthrough, but where's the satisfaction of solving the level if you do that?

While trial&error way of solving problems in a puzzle is nothing new, and it isn't even a bad thing in most puzzles, but it is a bad thing in this one. That is because this is a platformer and getting through the levels requires good timing, a bit of luck and good control of the character when it tries to juggle on blocks falling to the lava. When you fail the puzzle because you just couldn't know which way to go, you got to do all that demanding gaming again. That makes the player frustrated and annoyed.

Don't ramp up the difficulty by requiring us to be physics or something. It may seem like a challenge for you, the creator, as you know full well which way to go, but the rest of us can't possibly know that when you drop us off in a new level with limited view and no idea which way is the right way.

You lose some points by making the dumb nightmare levels, but I still enjoyed the other levels so this game is still worth a play.