Reviews for "Box Clever"


i enjoyed this game a lot.

Nice Work!

Very nice ;)
But how can I put Medals into my games?
Can somebody send a Link where it is explained or send me a message with an explination "How To" ?

Nice game!

Wow, was realy fun! shame its only 15 levels long ;-(. cant wait for the expansion pack.

And btw, for those of you who can't find the green beans on level one. take a long run and jump before you hit the portal, over the other side there is 5 green beens mindlessly walking around, kill those pesky beans!

Lol, im a proud owner of a monacle lol.


very chalanging

Great game!

I beat all the levels easily, except for the last one.

The lave moved too fast, and there was a brick that always seemed to land in a way that made progressing quickly impossible.