Reviews for "Box Clever"


This game is fun. The game runs smoothly, the graphics are nice, and the gameplay is incredible.The only reason that im giving this game a 7 is because some of the levels are incredibly difficult, and even if you make just ONE mistake, you have to do the whole level over again. That can get VERY frustrating after a while.

One Complaint.

It's fun and addictive and although it doesn't really make you think it's worth playing.


The little blob you play as jumps like there's too low gravity and it makes the controls seem... Sticky.

another great game

keep em coming

(title in work)

This was an enjoyable platform game. The graphics were well done and gave the game some character. I also enjoyed the unlocks, which gave the game some class :P It was a bit frustrating to have to restart a tough level completely when one little mistake was made, though I suppose that's all part of the challenge of this game. Overall a cool game.


The biggest problem here are dodgy mouse controls and uneven moving style. It's really frustrating when you die because a block wouldn't fall no matter how many times to click it or you overshot a platform or roll off it. Otherwise, decent puzzle game. But the problems make it very frustrating.