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Reviews for "Billy Mays Oxi-Clean SB"


Billy Mays is the best infomercial guy ever!!!!!!

PossessedPanda responds:

Yes, yes he is. You may now have a cookie.

U'r lucky i'm ur bro

take it. u need it.
^^ lol

PossessedPanda responds:

I do not need it. But, thank you, brotha!

Ill use this to annoy people :p

thanks dude

PossessedPanda responds:

Np, Always glad to make people ANNOYED!


Great idea, I've been lookin' for a Billie Mays Soundboard! One thing though, the sound quality isn't that clear, but the rap was crystal clear, like it was straight from youtube! (love that rap). Anyway, great submission!, keep up the great work!

PossessedPanda responds:

Thanks, I do appreciate criticism. I will try to find better quality sound clips and update the SB. Please inform me if you can find any.


I hate that guy soo much. He has the most anoying voice.