Reviews for "Mario's Sucky Day"


that was great you did good i think you should do some more with other game charecter eg sonic and maby dragon ball z

nuclearstickman5 responds:

thanx. and i will


lol great job 2 thumbs up
. _() ()_ .
.{__} {__}.

nuclearstickman5 responds:

thanks for your kind words

Didn't load?

For me, I hit play and it got stuck on a blue screen. I don't know if anyone else has this problem either but I was unable to view the flash, hence the low score.

nuclearstickman5 responds:

Ohh, I knew that would happen to someone forcing them to vote low. That happened to me once when I was doing a test play. But if it happens just x off and retry playing it

its alright i guess

not my favorite, but its pretty funny, i'd say... not to mention major randomness

nuclearstickman5 responds:



Some parts were funny...but some just weren't my kind of humor. It's decent though I guess...

nuclearstickman5 responds: