Reviews for "Happy Phace"


good drawing, but short and lame :D

7794 responds:

The background (believe it or not) took like 5-6 hours to draw. Perhaps because i was getting continuously sidetracked. I had to throw to throw together the rest (audio + bad animation) together in about an hour. I finished this 5 minutes before my trial ended, luckily.

What the...

I'm completely confused about what that was, I guess it could have actually been good if it contained something more.

7794 responds:

Thats the whole point!


Try better next time.

7794 responds:

Thanks for some suggestions on how to improve or anything, Bud!

sorry but

it had no point and if theres going to be no point you just have to make it completely random -trust me- i give you a 4 for the effort though