Reviews for "Polar Bear Cannon"

totaly 10*

i love games like this they never get old and this 1 will never die out

Hypnogiraffe responds:

wow I never thought I'd get such a positive review thanks a lot!

good concept! games like these are nice

Definitely has potential.
Add some sick catchy music, a background as mentioned before, other obstacles to be hit as well.
More things to propel the polar bear or speed it up. Maybe make the spikes a tiny bit smaller.
Great game though, the mood is right, nice bright areas.
Sound effects for every time the bear hits the ground and a sound effect for each individual thing hit, like the spikes for example.
All these are probly things you've already considered. But..
Great, nice work, keep working on it. :) haha

Hypnogiraffe responds:

That's some pretty good advice and seeing as how it seems people didn't totally hate it I will update the game with added sound and backgrounds and improve it in general

good good....

it is an good idea, it is really worked out ok but... as everyone told you the improvements already i cant think about anything but an cannon improvement system. and add some point things you have to collect

that is: at the end of the shot you multiply metres by points scored in that round for example a better cannon with higher firepower or a better polar bear or something else.

i hoped it helped?

Hypnogiraffe responds:

yes thank you I probably will make an improved/new version of this with everything people have suggested.


Watch one P.E.T.A. my come after you lol. This is a nice timer killer game. 4/5 need to add funny sounds.

Hypnogiraffe responds:

lol yeah, and I was thinking of adding blood to it!

very good...

I found this game amusing for how simple it looked. Good job, if there is a second one, a little more detail would be nice. I agree with the guy below, somthing in the background wouldn't hurt.

Hypnogiraffe responds:

Thanks for the positive review and I will (if I go back and improve it) add backgrounds to it. This wasn't intended to be the best game in the world, it was a game I thought would be quite fun and a good way to learn about making flash games.