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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


I loved it!

Devotion +10.75. %u02C6-%u02C6

Excellent overall game; So excellent that I wanted to play it through completely, until all the achievements were unlocked. A staggering ten hours and forty-five minutes of devotion.

%u2022 Nothing mentionable by me is any different than the last few reviews prior, in a pro-sense.

Only two cons that I have:

%u2022 Occasionally when there's a fair gap between enemies and the player, they'll swing and regardless of the distance between by the time they've swung, the player gets hit. A bit frustrating in surival but otherwise pretty harmless.

%u2022 After the ten-hours and forty-five minutes playing the game for both annihilation and achievements' sake, the background music gets a little bit too repetitive. Unsure if anyone else has really played it enough to get the eye-roll anytime a new game's started. ×.×

Extremely worth a play. Favorited (Game, Author).

Cool Game

I liked it alot, it was a good concept and a fun game! 10


Only thing i found that was wrong with the medals is that it wont give me the 75 achievements one. Other than that this is really a great game.


wat a good game i love games like this