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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


I really liked this game. It was challenging without being too hard, and mindless without being too boring.

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks :)

Great game.

Graphics ran smooth, didn't run into any glitches, the controls were simple and just easy. The upgrades were fun, the amount of enemies at a time was good, and the drops were great. Overall great game, couldn't find anywhere to improve, but maybe make the bosses a little harder, overall great game. Played it all the way through.


This has got to be one of the best flash's I've ever played. While the graphics are so-so, everything else about it is great.

The only balance issue as far as rate of character gain vs. enemy growth is that the last two enemy types should probably have switched places... the almost last enemy almost killed me numerous times, while the last guys were free points/money.

The achievement system is fun; I'd only complain about the suicide/die achievements if they weren't automatically gotten by doing survival mode... It's not fun to be told "Congratulations, you lost!"

I definitely look forward to further submissions. (I'm not going to say sequel because part of this game's strength is that he did it's genre good, and hope they branch out and bring 'new light' to other game types I used to enjoy...)


Awesome game, but I couldn't get the medals to work. Any ideas ? I completed the game, and it said that I got some of the medals, but it didnt seem to work.


great game but my charactor wouldnt stop moving i thought maybe it was my computer so i tried it on 2 other computers as well and the same results, he would not stop moving dont and occationaly would start going left and again not stop in that direction