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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


Great, fun game.
Add some more concepts.

xdragonx10 responds:

Will do for the sequel

Super good

This is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It is very fun and very addictive. Maybe some achievements would be good.

xdragonx10 responds:


where was a bug

that send me all the achiments but i didn't get to see them

Great game!

I've played this game for a few hours now, and it doesn't get old very easily. Huge variety, just the right level of challenge (it was a little hard at first, but once you start allocating your points properly it's more managable). Fantastic variety of enemies (and a very amusing, if typographical beastiary. You praise even the peons! I suggest ordering them in terms of appearance/difficulty though) and a healthy mix of bows and arrows (though the fire arrows seem twice as costly as the ice, and no less effective). It was a great idea to increase the price of health as the waves increased- if you weren't careful you'd end up losing money rather than saving it. It was a little annoying at first, but a challenge I eventually rose to meet.

A couple of major (and minor) bugs that really need fixing.
-Health upgrade doesn't upgrade your health- it just makes the health refil heal less!
-I was at Wave 23 and had defeated all the enemies on screen, but the meter at the bottom said there was one enemy left. I shot everywhere but couldn't find him and eventually had to quit game and start over.
-Restarting the game turns the music off.
-Game finishes before all enemies are dead.
-Exiting the shop makes you fire an arrow (or three) automatically. Not a big deal but it kind of annoyed me.
-I got 100% accuracy (after many tries) in the first wave but the achievement didn't come up. Jipped!

In terms of general improvements, might I suggest a save or autosave function? It would be MUCH appreciated.
Also, it seems cruel to have achievements such as maxing out all the bows when they all cost the same amount to upgrade. Perhaps the lesser bows could be cheaper somehow?
The Time Played option might be better displayed in the shop or menu where it can actually count.
I also felt the boss battles were a little too easy. Minions were a good idea to mix it up a little, but you could basically hold them at bay just by shooting them and wearing them down. They only had one very predictable attack (and a slightly less predictable pattern of movement) which made them quite easy to dispatch without loss of health or expensive arrows. You might consider adding more attacks, including summoning higher level minions.

The story was a little generic but an appreciated fill-in. Artwork was simple but attractive, the graphics decent enough to make an enjoyable game but not so intense as to cause extreme lag. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable game (though I lack the dedication to collect all the achievements). Couple of bugs to fix, a save function needed, but all up a great way to spend a couple of hours.


nice job

very good job