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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"

This game is hard!

Fun game. Very difficult. Maybe my strategy was wrong... I spent most of my points maxing out my skill. I finally ended the game when I was killed by boss #3.

Needs a save option.

I really enjoyed playing the second one and am almost finish beating it, When playing this I noticed there is no save option? I think If someone is to play and advance here, you surely dont expect them to do it in one sitting? And yes the weapons and items are very expensive seeing how you cannot replay a level to get more gold.

But since you uploaded this little over a year ago, I dont think we are going to see a save option here, so when I do have four solid hours to spare, then maybe I can give it a run through but until then, this game sits on the back burner.

weapon control en upgrade

also you upgrade the weapon of campaign mode
and you die, you must playing the same time to get the weapons O___O

the controls wasd, doesn't work sometime


its ok i mean you should make the upgrades cost less an the weapons and ammo and maybe less or weaker enemies

I can't move.

The controls are defective. This game would be better if I could walk.