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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


Solid contribution. Looking forward to sequel.

TheSavant said it best.

xdragonx10 responds:


I like the game

i havent played much games like this but it was fun playing the music was cool and it does start off easy but gets harder

the graphics and the enviroment the player was placed in was done pretty well and i hope the sequel is just as good as this one

you also said to give you ideas on new enemy abilities? how about a enemy that can make clones of itself?

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks, I'll see if I can implement cloning for the sequel. If you have any more ideas pm me :)

Entertaining game

Some achievements seemed to be flawed when I was playing... I went for the "complete with no armor" one, and in the middle of the game, though I did not spend any point in armor, I got the "max armor" achievement, and did not get the one I wanted, even though in the upgrade screen, I did not have any point in armor (I did not get the "complete the game with level 6 armor" either, strangely)
The same applies to the health that I had completely upgraded, but I did not obtain the achievement.

Aside from that, I love it :) I like achievements, but they are usually just a plus. I enjoyed the concept and the way you have to dodge some enemies with a special pattern while you try to dodge others who move a totally different way, adding a strategical dimension :)

xdragonx10 responds:

Some of that is known, some I haven't had reports of before. I'll look into it.


Nice job

Very nice game. I had a lot of fun while playing it. The only issue I had was the bug where I wasn't awarded the "100 Achievements" medal even though I have all 100 in the game. It's frustrating to grind for almost seven hours only to not get it. :-) I see that you've already been informed about this, though, so I look forward to a fix.

One more thing I should mention--when I use armor that heals gradually, I find that sometimes if I fully heal after a wave and complete the wave without getting touched, my health gets reset to 86%. This wasn't a huge deal, though, since I didn't get hit very often and I always had enough money to heal.

xdragonx10 responds:

Don't worry, that should be fixed soon (you will have to start up the game again to get it once an admin approves the fix).

I'll look into that

Good System, so-so Execution

The idea and gameplay system for the game are both really good.

The enemies are varied, and there's some strategy in picking which stats to upgrade and when to buys the bows and such...

But there's also two big flaws that I think really hinder the playability aspect of the game.

The first is the lack of a save system, which means I have to start my campaign completely over every time I have to leave to go do something. Sorry, but since the campaign is pretty long, that makes completing it a bitch.

The second is that the constantly upgrading prices of the potion is kinda ridiculous. It gets to the point where it is impossible to heal and buy upgrades. There should really just be a fee for healing your health based on how many points you've lost.

xdragonx10 responds:

Save system will be implemented in the sequel.

It would make the game too hard early on and too easy later, I had to constantly increase the price of health to account for this.

*Note to everyone*

I'm currently planning out the new enemy abilities for the sequel, if any of you have any good ideas please either post them here in the comments or give me a pm.