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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"


its awesome i love this game and i think there should be flying enemies in the 2nd one that you can ony hit with a certain bow

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks, will consider something similar for the sequel

An addictive game, a great gameplay.

First of all, let me tell you that I've played your game for around 3 hours and collected 93 or 94 Achievements.
It is really good, it has an interesting gameplay with upgrades available, a lot of different monsters and 25 waves/5 bosses. That's already fine!
Still there are many things you can do to improve the game, but now it is more about the sequel, so let me tell you what I would have liked to see in your game so that your next one will be really awesome.
- Include a Save system with at least 3 slots (It is needed if you make mistakes :c), the saves would bring you to the last "Shop" so that you can buy what you need. If you die in the next wave, you'd come back with your money back and able to select other improvements :o!

- Twice the fun!
*I really like the upgrades you put in the game, but you actually need to rework the system. What I think you need is Passive skills and Active skills (you only had Passive).
*It would be better to have 10 upgrades/Passive skill, right now you only put 4 (with the first one unlocked as a basic). Well how about 10 upgrades for Armor, Health, Skill and Speed. The only problem I see here is about Speed, we don't want to be moving like a car :/ This can be fixed if level 8 would be like level 4 in this game :o
*Put active skills like Shield. At level 1, you'd have a shield for 2 seconds protecting you from any attack and it would restore in 30 seconds. You'd use it by pressing space. Active skills would have 5 levels instead of 10 for Passive.
And at level 5, your shield would last 5 seconds and restore in 20 seconds. Just a few thoughts.
Then you could have a Damage power that would make you REALLY stronger for a short moment, etc... Making the game more tactical!
* About the tactic, even though you have created a LOT of different ennemies, it's basically the same, you run in circles and uberpwn everyone. Only those who used Fire balls would make a real difference. Try to make different ennemy attacks, make some move slow/fast, make one that requires you to break a part of his body before you can kill him, etc...
* More bows. That's it, you need more bows, starting with the Shortbow and ending with the Uber Ownage Darkness Bow of Oblivion (O_o...). Improved versions of bow would only change the damage you make!
* Bow enchantment for any bow. That's one of the most annoying thing in your game, you must choose which bow to upgrade etc... Good for your medals because it makes you restart the game only to upgrade them all, but you'd rather have a single upgrade like: -Faster rate
-2 Arrows at a time
-Chance of arrow piercing through ennemy
^ And upgrades for each one.
That would make your game more tactical.

*Points! Points should be given according to your performance! How would you know your performance? Well this is how it would work:
Waves will end after a certain time! The more ennemies you kill, the more points you get. Simple? So if you don't feel like killing ennemies, you'll not earn enough points to upgrade and ...get your ass kicked in the next waves *ouch* :D

*Waves... Make 50 waves! Boom! Make your game LONG when you do it for the first time. And don't make us re-play the whole game 5 times only to get achievements, 2 is okay, 3 a little boring, but then it's completely useless.
Make waves harder with more ennemies spawning at a time and more difficult ones over time...

*Bosses. Make them attack differently and make them difficult. It was running in circles and pwning them while avoiding the waves they cast :o

*Armors. How about we could buy improvements (Gloves, boots, etc...) instead of getting armors with Achievemnts? More tactical choices...
And they would improve the character somehow, like "more money" things you've put.

*Survival mode. :D... Make the best bow/arrows auto-select (And we can choose Auto On/off). Nothing else to add.

*Cheats: GREAT!

Well thank you a lot for reading and good luck for the sequel. If you want me to pm you about something, I would.
~Croash~ Getting his bow prepared :c

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks for the long review!

- A save system will be added.

- I'm not really sure about this one, but I have other things planned that should have the same effect.

- Again, not a fan of the whole active passive thing.

- Same again, sorry

- I have a lot of new enemy abilities planned already, but if you have any more please pm me :)

- There will be two new bows/arrow, and an arsenal of melee weapons and spells. The bows and arrows will have more unique abilities though.

- I'll be keeping the upgrade system the same here, but I'll add the things you suggested in other places

- There will be a leveling system which should accomplish this

- There will be different difficulty modes, and a bunch of player made levels, not gonna give too much more away about this though

- Bosses will have much more complex attack patterns in the sequel

- Armors will be available during the campaign in the sequel

- Yep, got plans to do that

Thanks for the review.

An awesome game

I found this absolutely fantastic, but not completely flawless. I only came across one VERY annoying glitch, where on the final battle, my character completely disappeared and wouldn't come back, thus ruining a productive hour...

Otherwise it runs and plays smoothly and I found it incredibly addictive, it just fails of a few practicalities. A save feature would've been very helpful and cutting the durations of waves and adding more variety to attack patterns each wave would've helped the general pace. Bosses were only really challenging in the sense they gave you a battle of endurance rather than skill.

Still, I enjoyed it...
...Sequel? :)

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you, I'll have that bug fixed in the sequel. A save feature will also be implemented. If you have any ideas for enemy abilities I'd be glad to hear them. The bosses will also have more complex attack styles in the sequel.


This game is very good in most aspects but their is some glitches, you can be running at one moment then sometimes you will just stop. I like most of the game I didn't find the collecting pebles/money very fun and the leveling up it could be improved. Playing the is fun if you don't pay any attention to the glitches and just think about the new bow your gonna get next round it can be fun, the game is still preaty good i would normally give as high as nine but I know you can improve this game alot.

xdragonx10 responds:

You have what I'm not calling the rare bug, it only happens on a few computers and I don't have enough info to fix it. Would you mind telling me the glitches? Thanks


Erm amazing game tbh

one question are you not sapost to be able to switch arrows in surbival :L ?

game was amazing =]

erm for the sequal you should add mabie an uber power like you press space bar and loads of arrows come down onto the battlefield as it did get a bit over crowded somtimes

over all awesome game man cant wait till the sequal =]

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you

1. you can, just click them at the bottom of the screen

Thank you

2. don't really see how that would work

Thank you again :)