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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"

Its okay

This is an okay game, its not "very" addicting or anything but its still kinda fun to play. However, there are several problems with it. 1: You have 0, repeat 0!, seconds to obtain any money after the round ends, meaning you can't use it to buy anything and it still remains on the ground after buying. 2: Sometimes when the teleporting monsters teleport and they're the last creatures there, they die instantly and the round ends( i saw this happen with the guy that fires off small blasts in a X fasion around himself) 3: The ranged people's missles don't disappear if the round ends or if they die (though i don't expect that) but the round ended once just as he fired at me and i shot him. When the next round started, i got hit right off the bat. 4: The first 1-4 bosses are stupid (I never made it to the 5th, i had to go somewhere) Insanely easy and the arrow build up on #2 was insane. Give them less health or something and have them have a better attack... or just increase the speed of the non-teleporting ones because it was too easy, only hard part was when you run out of arrows and the little-minions start to pile up under the boss. 5: The minions in boss-fights should have a "set" amount, otherwise people could just sit there and farm them for money / bows to sell with the level 1 arrows. 6: Some text in the Achievements cut-off and i can't read the rest of the effect (Mainly on the armor on the right side). Lastly, 7: I don't understand how the "cheats" work, if they're the armor that appears then I understand, however i've unlocked 6 cheats so far and only got 4 armors >.> Doesn't make sense. Anyways.. Bai

xdragonx10 responds:

1. I had to make it this way temporarily to fix a bug, after I fixed the bug I never changed it back.

2. Yes, the field is suppose to clear when the round ends.

3. Didn't think of deleting them at the end of each round, I'll have it fixed for the sequel

4. In the sequel the bosses will be much more complex in their attack styles

5. If they wanna waste their time doing that, then be my guest lol.

6. Not sure when this started happening, never had a chance to fix it

7. Read the instructions Cheats != Armors

Please format your future reviews as I have my response, the way you had it listed made it very hard to read.

Excellent game.

Well to begin I had a hard time killing the tenth enemy for some reason. The boss even the first one was slightly too hard for me. It was a challenge that I love to take. The upgrading and the spending was quite the way to go. other generic complaints and compliments.

Not so good

Now before everyone who likes this game says this is a useless review just because I gave it something less than what they did actually read it.

1. I don't care what people say this game is addicting but it is not fun. It is extremely repetitive and just not worth it. In fact I think the only reasons anyone sticks around for the entire game is that 1. You want to get all the bows. 2. There are cheats. 3. There are medals.

2. The plot is completely unoriginal. The whole "Everyone in my village was killed and I am the lone survivor I will devote my life to revenge" is OVER-FUCKING-USED. In the sequel you better have a real plot and an original plot.

3. I read a response of yours where you said that in the sequel you there is going to be swords and spells which for most means cool now it's not just bow and arrow but for me that would mean oh shit more unoriginal crap. Usually when someone makes a crappy unoriginal game like this the sequel is usually just as crappy but with more crappy features.

4.To make sure you read this I am going to send you this review in a message and to all of of you who are going to mark this as a useless review fuck you this is a thought out review all the review like "this game is teh shit lol" "this game is fuckin awesome" are useless think your fucking reviews out. To all of you who read all of this thank you for your time.

xdragonx10 responds:

I've responded to your pm, not going to respond again here.

Ok not feelin' the heat of battle. SERIOUSLY HELP!

I have a computer with:

7GB of RAM
AMD Pantheon 4X 6150 SE
Flash v10.0.22.87
Internet Explorer 8

And yet my game is not getting the "Tenth Kill" Medal, and the supid movement freeze/ backwards direction glitch is happening!? WHAT THE HELL?

The game is great and quite addicting, but the stupid damn retardation is breaking apart the experience. The game is deep, don't get me wrong, but the is rediculous. Please make a patch ASAP. Other than that nice.

Goth_Storm's score: 8.9
Goth_Storm's comments: For a full REAL review head on to my userpage in on Friday, June 5 for the full review on "Medieval Rampage"

PLEASE ADDRESS THIS F****ING PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xdragonx10 responds:

I wish I could! I haven't found the correlation between people's system and the bug. I also have no idea how it could possibly happen to begin with though, it's no different from any other game I've made and nobody has had any issues with them.

Highly Entertaining

I was surprised by myself that I had wasted over an hour playing this game. Not that it wasn't a fun game just that I didn't think that much time had passed. The leveling up with skills and individual crossbows was a good idea, but the button and menu system was a little sticky at times. Sometimes I'd have to click maybe twice to get the item my mouse was hovering over to recognize it. Most likely just you have a small area for clicking on said button, just something to think about there. Combat was a bit repetitive but easy enough to spend quite a bit of time playing. My only real problem was the sheer amount of time (and arrows) it took to go through the bosses. Other than that, can't wait to see a sequel!

xdragonx10 responds:

haven't had that first issue reported before. Sequel will have more variety, as will the bosses.