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Reviews for "Medieval Rampage"

Very addictive and different!

Iv'e played alot of games like this, but all the others had were a bunch of zombies, and by the time you got to the next level, there were only more zombies, there was nothing different with the enemies in those kind of games.
But in this game, the number of enemies not only grow, but they come in a different variety; so instead of having an enemy chasing after you, you have others that can shoot, teleport, and run after you. I also like how you can buy a different variety of arrows and upgrading weapons. It also seems interesting how you added unlockable cheats in this game.
Well done with the game, can't wait to see the sequel!

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Very Amazing!

alot of work I bet was put into making this!...

Also for the people who don't look around on the game to see your unlocked cheat on the screen do this (Shift+Right Arrow Key)

My ideas for the next one should be a like look around everywhere kind... instead of in one room and make people you can talk to and put a secondary weapon just in case... and make bosses seperate from others (Where you just battle the boss instead of with warriors)...

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you :)

Bosses will be different in the sequel, but I still probably will have minions.


i dont know about the rest of you but i had fun playing this i made it through the first time i played without dying once and the survival mode is defiantly a challenge so fuck the rest of you with you it was to hard and it was to easy this shit is just the way i like my games tuff from the start and tuff till the end yeah the bosses could have been a little better but other than that awesome A++ in my book i wish i could give you more stars!

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank You! Don't worry bosses will be much better in the sequel :)

Worth Playing! XD

Played it out soo time for a review

The first time Ive played it, it was way too hard
The second time ive played it, it was way too easy,
and I realised that the Bossbattle rounds are WAY TO EASY in Oposite of the normal rounds. Expecially the end boss.. He's cool and his big armor is a bitch but he only had 1 Attack??!

Also, if u wanna play out this game, U cant afford the Compound Bow
Thats becus u need to spend a lot money on Health Potions

Outside those points, its a good game worth playing ^_^

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you for writing the review

Okay! I'll make it easier
Okay! I'll make it harde.... um how exactly do you want me to fix that?
In the sequel they will have more complex attack patterns

You can, you just have to try to not get hit.

Thank you :)


The idea is good but how do you use the cheats? At first it was fun to play and then the achievments but then at one point its boring, you should add cool stuff ike secret art or movie sequences to spice it more. Until you add these things I'm going to play other fun games.


xdragonx10 responds:

Read the instructions, I have limited art resources and animations would make the file size too big. You go other fun games then, but make sure to come back for the sequel :)